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According to Antonia (Toni) Wolff, Carl Jung’s closest associate, women have four “umbrella” categories of archetypal energy. Each of these categories represents an archetypal energy that can be expressed thru a much longer list of roles. The Luminous Woman® Weekend begins with each woman defining her “before” story – the profile of archetypal energies she is currently living into. It then takes the woman thru an experiential discovery of awakening potentials that reside in her feminine depths. In the expansion of her archetypal profile a woman becomes empowered or re-inspired to birth something that has been waiting to be born. Women leave with their inner flame strong and bright, ready to live into the flowering of their full potential.

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The Luminous Woman® Weekend

April 19th-21st
Little Rock, Arkansas

The Four Archetypal “Umbrellas” Are:

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The Mother

While being a Mother can certainly involve the birthing and nurture of children, it can also involve the birthing of a woman’s artistic self, or the founding of a business, organization, or movement. Children need our nurture and protection, but the archetype of the Mother can pull many woman into over-hovering, with a growing sense of malaise as other callings go unanswered. Working women often wander a maze of shoulds and judgements that will never allow them to be “good enough” mothers. The deeper question has to do with where a woman is called to invest her life energy. What is asking to be born?

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The Lover

This archetypal realm covers a woman’s sensual nature, her embodiment, and her intimate adult relationships. How we express our sexuality is a language in and of itself. Each woman has a unique sexual essence that is her homeland, and learning who she is as a sexual being and how she wants to engage a partner is an important part of becoming a Luminous Woman. So many women struggle with judging, even hating the bodies they are in, but loving and caring for the body at every age is part of being a Luminous Woman.

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The Warrior

This energy is not about aggression or destruction. It involves how a woman develops her capacity for unwavering focus, intention, and the ability to deliver a clear yes or no in response to requests (demands) on her time. This is about cultivating the self-confidence to disappoint others who want us to use our energy and creativity for their purposes. It’s about developing clarity of mind, unwavering courage, and the endurance of a marathon runner. The archetype of the warrior gives a woman the grounded confidence to ignore naysayers and stay the course during temporary setbacks. This is how we manifest those big dreams!

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The Mystic

Every woman needs to develop a spiritual practice that will keep her tap-root deep and sustain a core of peace and clarity. We need practices that take us out of the chatter of the mind, beyond “who do you think you are,” and all the limiting stories we weave about ourselves and how life needs to be. Women develop intuition by becoming still. This is where we develop an Observing Self, hear the leading of our Inner Director, and enter the portal of the deep feminine. This is how we keep that luminous flame alive.

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Every so often, a woman needs time away to reflect on her life. The demands of our outer lives pull us into a tight focus and into our “responsible selves” where we begin to lose the resonance of our deep essence and the sparkle of our feminine flame. Over time we become exhausted and uninspired. In order to care for others, we must replenish ourselves. Like the Selkies of Celtic legend, we need to return to the sea, to get in touch with our primordial essence and listen to what is within us that is seeking to be born. This is how we sustain the luminous life.

The entry weekend introduced the paradigm of archetypal awareness and inner resources. Luminous Woman ® graduates have an opportunity to gather and stay connected to a community where we uphold each other in living more luminous lives. The community helps us remember to keep our taproot deep, hold an archetypal awareness, remain guided by our inner compass and live creatively and courageously.

Women are amazing when they are in touch with their inner resources. Women can heal the ills of the world, and bring about a better future for their children and for our world.

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