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Keynote Speaker

In 1993, I discovered my love of public speaking and discovered that I was good at it. My local Toastmasters Club encouraged me to enter the International Speech Contest and I began to climb up the ladder, through four levels of competition, and on to the international level, where keynote speakers from all over presented to an audience of over 3,000 in Toronto, Canada. The message was about Living Your Dreams and the speech that won me a place in Toronto was called The Time of Our Lives. The message was about how chasing a success defined by others – do more, have more – leads to no-where and how listening more deeply to the urgings of the heart makes all the difference in how we spend the time of our lives. I had left my corporate job at Northern Telecom in New York City to go back to school to become a therapist. Part of my job that I loved the most was arranging training and development for the sales people and watching them grow. I was also in therapy at that time, and in the process of becoming more self-aware and changing patterns that had been undermining my happiness I recognized how much I loved supporting personal development and more specifically my own process of deep change. In a bold move, I jumped off the corporate ladder and went back to school to pursue a career as a therapist, and as Robert Frost once expressed, in his famous poem The Road Less Travelled, this shift in direction made all the difference in my life.

Outlining walkable pathways that lead to a more inspired life threads thru all my teaching and talks. Every talk I give is delivered in a context that we can move from fear-based living into purpose-oriented living, reconnect with our hearts, find what is important in both the big picture and this moment, and access the Inner Compass that will help us navigate any life challenge. This is how we move from treadmill living into a deeper definition of a “successful life.”

"Chelsea's work is creative, compelling and captivating."

~ S.S., North Carolina

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Talks for Everyone

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Walking the Balance Beam - how to be an effective parent, loving partner, and successful professional in an efficiency driven world.

The Labyrinth of Love™ – how developing the Six Love Capacities can transform your relationship.

Individuation in Connection™ – a depth psychology perspective on growing in love.

For Women's Conferences & Groups

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Women’s Work™ – How to beat the failure and guilt trap for not doing it all and having it all.

The Luminous Woman® – Living centered, embodied, and inspired in an image-oriented world.

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"Chelsea's presentations are lively, engaging and thought provoking."

~ L.R., North Carolina

Custom Keynotes

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If you are interested in me being a keynote speaker for your group or offering a workshop related to personal growth, dream work, communicating in ways that promote engagement and cooperation, negotiating difficult personalities, living a more inspired life, and achieving more rewarding relationships at work and at home, feel free to contact me. I’d love to create something special just for you.